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It’s a symbol. An institution. A rock. It means something. National recognition of Fryar’s ilk is rare and fleeting. It takes persistence and hard work. But perhaps equally rare and equally striking and equally challenging to achieve is the type of local reputation built by Frappolli.

Responsibility to Work: Irving Fryar

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Eagles’ Irving Fryar Retires

Irving Fryar

He had wanted this so badly, ever since that afternoon when he went up the middle and was knocked off his feet and his head hit the ground and he started babbling incoherently. Now it would be him standing there, waiting for someone else to come up the middle. On Sunday he rose and dressed without a word. By 3:45 the fans were out, the seats were full. And then, for 60 minutes, he burst, darted, jumped, spun, went left, leaned right, screamed above the noise, waved his arms, clenched his fists and doubled over in pain. His 200 pounds had a film of sweat over them, soaking the towel he kept by his side. When he scored his points, he raised his hands above his head and stamped his feet and bent his neck all the way back until it seemed sure to snap. Finally, on that baked afternoon at the Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church in Pompano Beach, Fla., someone came up the middle aisle. Michael Robinson, 37, full of doubts and crack, staggered up with tears in his eyes, trying to make it on his own but having to lean on the burly shoulder of the usher. The people waving the fans in front of their faces turned to get a better look.

Fryar And Brimstone

(AP) After catching a combined 174 passes in his first two years with Philadelphia, Fryar has just 45 receptions for 520 yards and two touchdowns this season. He is the only player in the NFL to catch 50 or more passes in each of the previous eight seasons, but needs five receptions in Sunday’s game to extend the streak. Fryar signed as an unrestricted free agent with the Eagles in 1996 after spending three productive years with the Miami Dolphins . He immediately became Philadelphia’s go-to guy, averaging 87 receptions and 1,256 yards while scoring 17 TDs in 1996 and 1997, both Pro Bowl seasons. Fryar played his first nine years with New England and helped the Patriots reach Super Bowl XX in January 1986. While with the Patriots, he had his share of off-field troubles and was traded to the Dolphins for two draft choices after the 1992 season. Fryar changed his lifestyle, became an ordained minister and played in a pair of Pro Bowls in three seasons with the Dolphins. The New Jersey native quickly became Dan Marino’s favorite target in Miami, catching 199 passes for 3,190 yards in three years.

“We have various support groups for the team which should be able to help them. We`re more concerned about his family life than his loss to the team.“ According to the team`s release, the Patriots “have pledged their full support and resources to help the Fryars.“ Management did not want to discuss Fryar`s problem. “I don`t want to talk about it,“ said New England coach Raymond Berry. “There`s no sense in talking about it.“ General Manager Patrick Sullivan said, “I`m not going to talk about it, not until we can sit down with the Fryars and talk about how we`re going to approach it.“ The Fryars have been married for about one year. They recently purchased a condominium in Easton, which is a short distance from Sullivan Stadium in Foxboro, Mass. Fryar missed one game last season with bruised ribs that were suffered during a “wrestling match with the family dog,“ according to the Patriots. Fryar was also involved in a fight with a former girlfriend when he was at the University of Nebraska. During the spring of his senior year, he was charged with breaking and entering and assault. He reportedly kicked down the door of the woman`s apartment to retrieve a rocking chair he owned. An out-of-court settlement was reached on the assault charges and Fryar was fined for breaking into the apartment.

Fryar Injury Reportedly No Accicent Patriot Wide Receiver, Wife May Have Fought

Holly. But, the former Rancocas Valley High School standout went on to star at the University of Nebraska, where he was a consensus all-American and drafted as the No. 1 pick overall in 1984 by the New England Patriots of he NFL. Fryar went on to play 17 years in the NFL, including three with the Eagles. He ranks sixth all-time in catches, 10th in yardage and 12th in touchdowns. Fryars Fitness Camp started when Bill Barksdale and Fryar were talking and Barksdale admired what great shape Fryar was still in. Barksdale, 42, a graduate of the University of North Carolina, played baseball and basketball at Pemberton High School, but that was 50 pounds ago. He told me to come work out with him at Fort Dix at 5:30 each morning, Barksdale said about his conversation with Fryar.