You can also ask your human resources or benefits department or call the number on the back of your health insurance card to inquire about how your plan operates and where to go for help. •Appeal to your insurer. Regardless of how you get your health benefits, the healthcare law gives most consumers the right to challenge their insurance company’s decision to deny medical care. Your health plan must provide guidelines about how to go about the appeal process You’re entitled to both an internal appeal with your insurer and then an external review by an independent third party.

Consolidating a patient’s prescriptions at one location helps pharmacists monitor refills and stay on the lookout for harmful interactions. This is good because patients’ failure to comply with their doctors’ orders is a big cause of poor medical outcomes, as is multiple doctors prescribing at cross-purposes for a single patient. And anything that makes vaccinations and other preventive measures more accessible is a plus. This transformation is coming on top of other changes that placed the traditional corner drugstore on steroids therapy.

There were times when I had to decide on whether to buy enough gas to get back to court or buy lunch.” Post struggled to avoid feeling discouraged. “The last time I went into court, I was wearing something that I got browse at Goodwill,” Post said. “The two lawyers on the other side were each wearing suits worth more than my car.” Things are looking up for Post, who estimates his annual income has risen to between $80,000 and $96,000, cobbled together from four sources, including a part-time teaching gig and the new full-time programming job with a 401(k) matching plan. But he still needs to make the right financial choices to reach his short-term goals: new shoes, his own apartment, a later-model used car rather than his 187,000-mile mid-1990s Toyota sedan, a gym membership, his first smartphone. Longer term, he’s eager to avoid his worst fear: “reaching my 30s, wanting to get married, buy a house, start a family, with bad credit and a lot of this debt still hanging over me.” To fee-only advisor Lara Lamb, director of financial planning for Abacus Wealth Partners, Post is at a crucial phase.

TV host bows out of Beverly Hills Television host Leeza Gibbons and her husband, Steven Fenton, have parted with a gated estate in Beverly Hills for $6.9 million. Built in 2007, the two-story Mediterranean features a screening room, a study/office, a gym, six bedrooms, five bathrooms and 6,333 square feet of living space. The nearly half-acre lot includes an outdoor living room, outdoor kitchen and a swimming pool with a spa. Gibbons, 56, won a Daytime Emmy this year for hosting “My Generation.” She hosts the news magazine show “America Now” and is the author of “Take 2.” The property was purchased in 2010 for $6.6 million and, according to the MLS, had been rented out. Gregg Silver and Dafna Milstein of Keller Williams’ Beverly Hills office were the listing agents.