Ex-Patriot Brandon Lloyd Is Going Straight to DVD with Upcoming Zombie Movie

Not Alec, not Daniel, not the one from Backdraft, not the one whos a Republican oh wait, no, its Daniel. The 32-year-old Lloyd, who has reportedly turned down offers from NFL teams this year, will play Sgt. Chuck Lloyd (get it?) in the upcoming horror film, After Effect.You know the film is going to be a classic when: 15 of the 26 cast members listed on IMDB dont have head shots. the directors most notable credit is serving as an assistant to the producers in a Kathy Griffin television special. this is the last line of the IMDB summary: Unfortunately theyve unknowingly volunteered their bodies as human collateral in an ongoing U.S. Military experiment. the YouTube trailer touts its Oct.

Tom Brady reaches out to former receivers to try and fix Patriots passing game

Phillip/AP) Its not a news flash that the New England Patriots have major issues with their receiver corps. They were without Rob Gronkowski and Danny Amendola for their Sunday matchup with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Julian Edelman leads the team with 20 catches for 157 yards and two touchdowns through two games and a 7.9 yards per catch average. Tom Brady currently ranks 29th in Football Outsiders opponent-adjusted efficiency rankings, and hes been first overall in four of his last five seasons. So, whats Brady to do? The Pats may get another receiver before the late October trade deadline, and one assumes that Gronkowski and Amendola will be back in the lineup consistently at some point. But in the interim, New Englands quarterback has reached out to some old friends.

Report: Tom Brady calling Deion Branch, Brandon Lloyd about returning

Well, he features in a new movie with one of the Baldwin brothers (the big one), and yeah, it’s going straight to DVD. Masshole Sports spotted the 32-year-old free agent in his latest venture.Unfortunately for him, life after football is heavy with the walking dead. The man who caught 35 touchdowns in his career and last played in New England under Bill Belichick portrays Sgt.Chuck Lloyd in After Effect, which will hit stores on Oct. 8. Plan your trips to the Wal-Mart bargain bin accordingly. If you want a sneak peek, here’s a clip of Lloyd finding quite the bathroom cleanup. (Warning: NSFW gore at the end.) If ever there was a need for a courtesy flush. The movie stars Daniel Baldwin, whose credits include gems like Zero Dark Dirty, Christmas with a Capital CandStripperland.He is also the one Baldwin fans have trouble naming when they play “Name All the Baldwin Brothers.” As for plot, Masshole reports it’s about “a bunch of college students who sign up for a research study only to find out they volunteered for a military experiment that turns them into zombies.” How unfortunate. All snark aside, my love for zombie movies andstraight-to-DVDfare pretty much guarantees I will see this at some point andabsolutelylove it in the same way I love Syfy movies. Jim Rogash/Getty Images Mass Live is careful to point out Lloyd did have some options this season. According to their report, six NFL teams, including the Patriots, were willing to bring Lloyd in this year. That bite from the football bug must have worn off, because the one-time Pro-Bowler is apparently content to remain a free agent at the moment. To be fair, going around shooting zombies must be a ton of fun.

Brandon Lloyd moves on from NFL to acting


“We’re told that Brady himself has been calling and texting two familiar faces: Deion Branch and Brandon Lloyd. As far as Branch, he’s sitting ready for whenever the Patriots call. Lloyd, however, has said that he’s not quite ready to play football.” To be fair, Lloyd has been busy acting in a zombie movie with Daniel Baldwin , so it’s reasonable to think the’s not in football shape. As for the active wideouts on the Pats’ roster, only Julian Edelman (a former college quarterback, by the way) played in the NFL prior to this season. Aaron Dobson , Kenbrell Thompkins and Josh Boyce are all rookies, and they’ve looked like it. Boyce has yet to make a catch and Dobson and Thompkins have accounted for nine receptions between them over the first two games. But it’s been the dropped passes and wrong routes that have truly frustrated Brady, who admitted after a sloppy Week 2 win over the Jets that “I have to do a better job with my body language.

But, well, the Patriots, like, really need wide receivers, and, well … it looks like this is his role in the movie: Brandon, in his role as “Sgt. Chuck Lloyd” (his last name is Lloyd so he doesn’t have to, like, pretend or anything) walks slowly, opens some doors, shoots some bullets, and, well, doesn’t say anything. If he does say stuff in the movie, the filmmakers apparently weren’t confident enough in Lloyd’s acting ability to let anybody on the Internet see it beforehand. For The Win points out that most of his fellow actors don’t have IMDB headshots and that the director’s best credit is “serving as an assistant to the producers in a Kathy Griffin television special,” but I’m sure those facts aren’t indicative of the movie being terrib– oh okay It’s not just that Lloyd gave up an NFL role for a movie role, it’s that it seems like he gave up a relatively big NFL role for a cameo in an aggressively bad movie.