Lakonishok leaps from theory to fortune In 1994, Lakonishok and his academic partners Andrei Shleifer and Robert Vishny started LSV Asset Management to put their finance theory into practice. Their various funds now manage $69.7billion of investor cash. In 2012, LSV’s Value Equity Fund produced a return of 20.3 per cent. Its performance was dented by market conditions during 2007 and 2008 but over ten years it has risen 128 per cent, with an annualised return of a respectable 8.6 per cent, according to Morningstar figures.

Throughout SXSW V2V, UP and Startup America will host a series of panel discussions, networking events, and “office hours” with leaders in the entrepreneurial community. We’re excited to engage with the Las Vegas community as well as the vibrant SXSW group gathered for this event. UP Global’s Chief Marketing Officer, Joey Pomerenke, states, “Since the launch of UP Global this year, SXSW V2V will be the first public event for our organization and leadership to connect closely with our community, share more about the UP Global vision, and discuss how we hope to support entrepreneurs in the future through our added community initiatives and educational programs.” On August 13th, UP Chairman Steve Case will be giving a talk called “The Rise of the (Entrepreneurial) Rest.”  You can learn more about the talk here . The Kauffman Foundation will also be joining us to present a series of panels covering a range of topics on design, scale, diversity, funding, and corporate collaboration with entrepreneurial communities. We’re excited to talk ‘UP’ with our community – join us if you can!  More info on SXSW V2V can be found here . Join the conversation on Twitter with hashtag #UPGlobalLIVE.  For a full list of guest panelists and speakers, check out our programming below!  Panels:  Design & Scale – Design is at the core of companies like Apple, Path and Square.

13 College of Business students named Chancellors visit website Scholars this fall
Congratulations to our Chancellor’s Scholars—freshmen and sophomores chosen for their academic excellence and leadership potential, in the Campus Honors Program.
Leann Beckman

13 College of Business students named Chancellors Scholars this fall

This isn’t ‘homework.’ Someone from within the business presents a problem, and we analyze the data and identify gaps. AB uses our proposed solutions.” “We want great people who are passionate about their work,” Claudio Garcia, chief people & technology officer, told the event’s attendees, including Dean Larry DeBrock, President Robert Easter, and students who represented business, engineering, computer science, and more. “We chose ILLINOIS for the top-caliber talent.” The Bud Lab’s planned projects include pricing analysis, promotion strategies, and market trends, including the use of social media. This year, AB InBev was the #1-ranked beverage company in Fortune’s list of the world’s most admired companies.

College’s Perspectives magazine wins Award of Excellence

You understand me!” This, in a world in which people so often feel not just that they’re misunderstood but that no one is even bothering to understand them. Have you ever been on hold with customer service and heard a recording that says, “This call may be [link] monitored for quality assurance”? Have you ever once seen evidence of customer quality improving as a result of all of that monitoring? Increasingly, creativity — and the study of it — is divorced from the real needs of real people.

Brewing big data: Bud Analytics Lab opens

“Instead of expanding gambling, we need to start restricting it. A good first step would be rejecting this push to keep casinos open 24/7, and then move on to curbing these obvious abuses at bars and truck stops.” Slot machines also keep people in the bars drinking long past when they should have gone home. “That makes the drunken driving aspect of it significantly worse, which inevitably leads to more taxes for the people of the state of Illinois to pay for all the extra social costs associated with drinking and gambling,” he said. “The bars love it, because it keeps people in the bars longer, but it just makes everything else a lot worse.” For a cash-strapped state, it’s a recipe for a continued economic downturn, Kindt said. “We are creating all these new huge social problems, which puts pressure on taxpayer dollars,” he said.

What’s the point of creativity?

College’s Perspectives magazine wins Award of Excellence
The University and Collegiate Designers Association recognized the College of Business’s quarterly magazine with an Award of Excellence in the alumni publication category.
Out of 1,000 print entries, the UCDA awarded 6 Golds, 8 Silvers, and 126 Awards of Excellence. The competition, held annually, “recognizes the best of the exceptional design work done to promote educational institutions.”
Winners will be on display at the October UCDA conference in Louisville, then online at the UCDA website. You can read back issues of Perspectives here .